Catching up

Monday, October 11, 2010 continue with Family Time

Moms taking time out while the dads babysit

Troy & Tarryn just enjoying...

Thanks to all the Masons who also added so much to make our weekend so special!

Emma making sure her mum had enough to eat! Not sure what Guy is thinking???? Maybe that he had already 'tasted' so much while he was cooking that he wasn't really that hungry anymore

Uncle Guy coaching Noah in the art of golf....

Shan, the hostess who worked tirelessly to organise this are a star!

T 'n T

The "Master Chef" at work!

Ross and Shan's lovely home and front lawn under the chestnut and oak trees.

The guys all worked very hard on cooking our meat in this fancy spit braai....not sure who was in charge, but it was worth all the hard work.

Some pics from our Family Time

Emma had a ball!

Look at the expression on Jasie's face!

I love these of all the dads with their kids!

Family is so special! This is the first pic that I have of my children like this since they were teenagers!

Cuzzies - Ryan wanted a group hug but the others weren't so keen...maybe because they were afraid of being strangled!!

The best 40th ever!!

Well, we had our big family weekend and what an amazing time it was.....hectic! exhausting! emtionally draining! happy!!! Yes to all of those things. It went past in the blink of an eye, but it was so, so special to finally have all my chicks under my wings for a couple of days.

We had a mad time getting enough cars to the airport to transport everyone out to the farm and then it all really started. Loren, Kris & the boys arrived first - it is the best thing ever to have your little ones run into your arms so hard that they almost knock you over! Those two little boys sure know how to make us feel loved!!

Then Guy, Ess & Emma arrived and all the cuzzies met each other and sized each other up! It didn't take long for them to all decide that the airport terminus was a huge place just waiting to be discovered and moms & dads grabbed hands and directed them all to the various waiting cars. Of course, Joburg was in the everlasting process of working on the highway leading out of town and all of us were tested as we took 45 minutes to even get clear of the traffic jams. Eventually, we were on our way and 3 tired little bunnies had a good couple of hours to catch up on much needed time out and rest!

The last few miles of the journey were the most hair-raising - you have never seen potholes like the ones on the road past the farms!!! Anyway, it was worth all the miles and and stress to all arrive and be together - the first time ever!! The hugs, kisses, tears (of course mine), the talking all at once, the kids getting to know one another and seeing all that Ross and Shan had prepared for our arrival was almost overwhelming. Ross had made the most delicious chicken potjie which was just what was needed as a very cold wind was making us remember how cold Lothair can be!

How does one describe those special days??? I can't...but will just say that it was the most amazing time that I could have imagined! I always expect too much and am then disappointed, but this time, it was even better than I could have expected. We were spoilt rotten by our precious children and the minutes just flew by! On the Sunday afternoon, on our way home after a wonderful picnic, Ryan said to me, "Grandma, this was the best day in the whole universe!" And that says it all!

I will be posting pics very slowly on this site - I have strict instructions to be very careful about putting flattering pics up, so be patient!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Family time coming up!

Our family are all going to be together for the first time ever! We haven't been together since Troy and Tarryn's wedding 3 and a half years ago and we have had new additions to our family since then! We are all going out to the farm to celebrate our 40th anniversary on the weekend of 17 - 20 September, so hopefully I will have a lot of pics of our whole family to post!! Then Col and I are being flown down to stay in a lovely home in Knysna for a week....lots to look forward to!

General news

Troy and Tarryn are thrilled to be on the move! Troy has been offered a teaching job at a Christian school in Hilton in KZN and will be moving down to this lovely litte house in December....we are going to miss them terribly, but it is so great for them!

More of Noah

Precious little blue eyes!

Noah on the farm

There are so many fun things to do here!

It sure is cold!

Noah and Pluto