Catching up

Monday, October 11, 2010 continue with Family Time

Moms taking time out while the dads babysit

Troy & Tarryn just enjoying...

Thanks to all the Masons who also added so much to make our weekend so special!

Emma making sure her mum had enough to eat! Not sure what Guy is thinking???? Maybe that he had already 'tasted' so much while he was cooking that he wasn't really that hungry anymore

Uncle Guy coaching Noah in the art of golf....

Shan, the hostess who worked tirelessly to organise this are a star!

T 'n T

The "Master Chef" at work!

Ross and Shan's lovely home and front lawn under the chestnut and oak trees.

The guys all worked very hard on cooking our meat in this fancy spit braai....not sure who was in charge, but it was worth all the hard work.

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